We are a locally owned and operated family business based in Wedgefield, servicing the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

As Port Hedland's leading panel

beating company, we cover a broad range of services and cater to all recognised insurance brands and private customers.


Our specialist understanding of the transport and heavy motor industry means we are confident

in promoting our motor vehicle claims promise to our valued clients, and equally proud

of our ability to properly provide support to the intermediaries.

We pride ourselves on offering a trusted and transparent service

All new claims will be
acknowledged within 24hrs

Acceptance or denial of a claim will be immediately actioned upon receipt of all information

Vehicle Assessment will be made
within 48hrs of availability

We will keep our customers and assessors
informed on repair progress


We are equipped with a wide range of technologies in our workshop including:

Autorobot Pulling System

This innovation makes the straightening of vehicle panels and box structures faster and more economical.
It enables the dent pulling of almost any area throughout the vehicle body in all needed directions.

Metalux II Paint System

The 2K Enamels range includes 23 toners which is suitable for use on passenger cars, commercial vehicles and equipment. With its outstanding durability, high gloss and excellent flow, the 2K Enamels range is designed for new work as well as repairs.

Full Downdraft Spray-Booth

Provides a safe, clean and dust free environment. A positive pressure spray booth providing superior balanced airflow and overspray control



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