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Terms & Conditions

Below outline the terms and conditions set out for the engagement and contracted works for your vehicle.

Furthermore, by leaving your vehicle with Hedland Panel & Paint to have the authorised repairs completed, you expressly agree to our trading terms and payment policy.

Scope of Works:

You will be issued a Job Estimate that details the works to be completed on your vehicle. 

  • Any pre-existing damage, that is not listed within the estimated scope of works will not be repaired.

The scope of works in insurance claims is determined by the insurance assessor, as per our submission of quote.

  • We are not responsible for any alterations to the perception of repairs and the scope set out by your insurance assessor.

  • The insurance assessor may at their discretion remove repairs that are not deemed consistent with your policy and vehicle claim.

  • All issues with the works of this nature need to be addressed to management so these issues can be raised with your designated insurance assessor.

Although our best endeavours have been made to match paint, from time to time due to vehicle condition and age colours can vary between materials.

We will make every attempt to match and blend where possible but do not take responsibility for variations in factory colour to repairs colour when the vehicle condition is less than original.

Variation to Scope of Works (Private Jobs)

Due to the nature of our work, we can encounter variations to the quoted works once we begin the tasks.

When a variance is encountered, we will immediately stop work and advise you of the alternative course of repairs available. 

  • If there is more than a 10% increase in quoted works, we will require a new quote to be authorised and may require a further deposit to secure parts, for less than a 10% increase, we will accept a verbal authority.

  • You make express acknowledgement and understand the variation is a separate authority and is not contingent upon nor able to void the original estimate. 

Payment Terms: 

Hedland Panel & Paint have strict payment terms as detailed on the original vehicle estimate. 

  • I am aware that I have to settle my Total bill in full prior to collection of my vehicle

  • I understand if my bill is not settled I cannot legally remove my vehicle. 

We Reserve the right to charge for administration costs where a private quote outside of insurance does not proceed or is significantly varied with a cost borne by Hedland Panel & Paint.

Possessions & Valuables:

Please ensure all valuables have been removed from your vehicle.

Hedland Panel & Paint will take no responsibility for any possessions left in motor vehicles while in their care.

Collections, Tow in's & Abandonment  Policy

Hedland Panel & Paint will endeavour to complete your vehicle as quickly as reasonable given our regional location and business operations.

Hedland Panel & Paint will outline on a case-by-case basis the expected time frame for your repairs and if any variation to this is expected Hedland Panel & Paint will make you aware at the earliest possible time to ensure that adequate arrangements can be made.

We take no responsibility for additional costs born by you in the case of: 

  • Repair Delays

  • Planned Activities

  • Natural Disaster Events including Cyclone

  • Rescheduling 

Sometimes the scope of panel work is unknown until the work begins and by accepting our services you acknowledge that the listed time is only an indication if no variances occur. 

Hedland Panel & Paint will make contact with me to arrange collection of my vehicle.


  • If my vehicle is complete as per the above estimated collection date, and I do not collect my vehicle I understand that Parking Fees of $45 per day will be applicable.

  • These fees must be settled prior to collection.

By leaving my vehicle in Hedland Panel & Paint’s Possession I express full agreement to the above terms and conditions. 

Non - Collection of Total Loss Vehicles

Hedland Panel & Paint reserves the right to charge a standing fee if vehicles are written off and abandoned in our yard. 

We will charge from 7 days abandonment from date of Total Loss Notification: 

From 7 days - 30 days @ $85.00 per day

Any period after 30 days - Small vehicles @ $95.00 per day

                                           - Large vehicles @ $105.00 per day

We charge this fee as we incur costs to accommodate the vehicle in the following ways:

  • Workshop Liability Cover ( Insurance )

  • Workshop Capacity Crowding - Parking is limited and this may obstruct operational activities

  • Workshop Overheads - Rent 

This charge is not designed to be unreasonable - if you need to make arrangements or have extra-ordinary circumstances this will be considered when reviewing Parking and Holding costs. 

Any clarification on the above can be obtained from Hedland Panel & Paint -

Quoting Fees & Pre Inspection Costs for Total Loss Vehicles

Hedland Panel & Paint reserves the right to charge a quoting fee - private quotes and those who are obtaining a quote to potentially make a third party claim for funds are required to pay an $80 quote fee.

If the repairs go ahead then this quote fee is refundable. 

For Insurance requests where we deem the vehicle to be a total loss we will issue the assessor a request for hours if the quoting time is considerable. 

We do not charge insurance a quoting fee unless we expressly request this from the assesor prior to conducting the quote.

Quoting Turnaround & Access

Hedland Panel & Paint prepares quotes as quickly as business conditions allow. 

  • We are based in Remote WA so freight is charged on all quotes

  • Quotes are sent electronically via email to the details supplied or directly to insurance

  • We reserve the right due to privacy laws to refuse a copy of a quote to a third party if it would breach the privacy of the insured or the claimant. 

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